Automating reconciliation and compliance for the travel industry

Felloh connects travel payment data with booking data so you can understand where the money is at all times, manage your cashflow and save time on reconciliation.



Smart payments

Make payment a seamless experience for your customers.

We integrate with merchant acquirers, Open Banking and good old fashioned bank transfers to enable our travel clients to collect customer payments how they want to pay, on a link over the phone, or in instalments and make compliance simple.

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Automated reconcilliation

Match payments to your bookings. Our smart technology tracks payments and links them to your bookings in real time to automatically reconcile them.

We can also automate authorisation processes based on your business’s specific rules; whether you're using bonds, insurance, trust accounts or transitioning to segregated funds, we have you covered.

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Customer experience

Audit & Risk Analysis

Make reporting simple and real-time. You can easily share updates and reports with regulatory authorities and bodies such as the CAA and ABTA using real-time information from our tailored audit service.

Our data means you can view and act on actual risk exposure at the booking, supplier or portfolio level, in real-time.  We empower you to understand exactly how a payment is protected and to avoid duplication of cover.  No more guess-work and over protection!

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Felloh works at the heart of the travel payments ecosystem and on behalf of everyone protecting and managing money.

Felloh is the smarter way to manage and maintain money flows. We empower our travel clients to make decisions based on accurate data.

Tour operators

Streamline your processes. Every step of the way you'll know exactly where every penny is and where it needs to go.

Merchant acquirers

Full risk transparency of Merchant transactions through unique booking data enriched payment flow.  Our end-to-end tracking helps acquirers understand your business and provide competitive data-informed pricing.

Bond Obligors

Our data means you can accurately assess the true risk of any travel agent or tour operator. Goodbye to under-bonding!


De-risk travel with our smart next level data. Assess in real-time you actual risk exposure. No more 'perceived' risk.
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Developer first

Our APIs deliver a simple data structure and product that gets more powerful the more data is provided. We integrate with booking and finance systems to improve data portability so we can surface relevant data to relevant stakeholders.

The value of Felloh to travel businesses increases with the volume of data they provide.


API First

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Developer Friendly

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Comprehensive docs.

Check out our developer docs. here

Over 150 travel business use our systems including:

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