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Helping travel companies move, track, and reconcile money in real-time

Automate customer payments reconciled to a booking and payment of suppliers with only one integration. Saving you time, money, and errors whilst creating a better experience for your customers, suppliers and internal teams.
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Our Happy Customers

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Felloh has allowed us to streamline the booking and payment processes for our customers whilst also making it far smoother and quicker internally
Thomas Power, Pura Aventura
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I'm finding them nimble and responsive and smart enough to be constantly looking for the next improvement and iteration to make our lives easier.
Mark Bratt, Mark Bratt Travel

How we help travel companies

Free your team from admin
Streamline your operations by eliminating manual processes involved in matching customer payments to bookings, while seamlessly accounting for any payment fees along the way. This not only saves valuable resources but also enhances efficiency and accuracy.
Reduce costs
Take advantage of exclusive rates with merchant acquirers and simplify travel payments. Save an average of 25% on processing payments, allowing you to invest in what truly matters. Streamline your financial operations and allocate resources more effectively.
Stay in control
Save time and improve payment visibility with end-to-end insights. Gain a comprehensive view of all payments linked to a specific booking, whether through payment links, open banking, or direct bank transfers. From payment to disbursal, the information is readily accessible. No more waiting for answers – investigate for yourself.
Feature Pricing

Pay for what you need with Felloh's feature pricing

Automatic reconciliation
Automate your reconciliation to save time, spot and remedy errors
API first
Use our API to tightly integrate payments and reporting directly into your existing systems.
Multi acquirer
Integrate more than one acquirer for resilience or rates  with one connection and standard reporting
Payment links & embeds
We make it simple for your customers to pay so you save time chasing failed payments and matching to bookings
Transaction details
Connect your bank accounts to see all payments in and out and connect them with bookings
Booking level ledger
Link all payments in real time, card and bank transfers to your bookings.
Smart payments
We make it simple for your customers to pay so you save time chasing failed payments and matching to bookings
Decline optimisation
As well as automated retries get notifications of payment failures with suggested ways to help your customers
Exposure analysis
Accurate real time reporting on customer payments paid but not yet travelled.

Explore our growing Integrations

Double down on operations, with order & pay letting customers access your digital menu, order directly through the interface and pay at once.
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Unlimited users £40/month

Felloh's power is in connecting data from your booking system and payments. Give your sales, compliance and finance teams the tools they need to thrive.
Sales teams

£5 /month

Perfect for improving your payments flow with your customers.
Payment links
Competitive card processing rates based on your volumes
Apply a surcharge to corporate cards for 0.1%
Pre-authorisation of payments
Card vaulting
Google Pay & Apple Pay (soon)
50 Open Banking payments per month included
Embed payment widgets
Bring your own AMEX
Finance Teams

£40 /month

Save your finance team time to reconcile payments in and manage payments out.
Connect to multiple bank accounts all in one place
Match transactions in your bank account to bookings
Automatically reconcile bulk settlements from acquirers to bookings
Manage and reconcile chargebacks
Issue credit notes
Run a real time ledger
Pay suppliers with bulk payments for £0.50 per transaction
Risk Managers

£20 /month

Keep on top of Package Travel Regulations by monitoring bank activity.
Give compliance teams restricted access view on business bank account
Track booking data and payment data for PTR compliance
Set up alerts on bank account to identify suspicious behaviour

Join over 300 travel companies making payments simple with Felloh.

We are dedicated to making payments better for the travel industry
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