Barclays Travel Forum 2023

Felloh's CEO, Will Bicknell, recently attended the Barclays Travel Forum where he shared insights on how Felloh is helping travel companies connect their booking itineraries and payments to automate reconciliation and providing risk data to partners.

The event was a great opportunity for industry experts to come together and discuss the latest trends and challenges facing the travel industry. One of the panels was expertly moderated by Krystene Bousfield and focused on the ATOL reform. The panel discussed the importance of having live data to support regulatory compliance and ensure that all travel companies are treated fairly.

Will Bicknell was also on a panel where he shared how Felloh's #TripData is helping travel companies automate real-time reconciliation of card payments and bank transfers. With #TripData, travel companies can get a more accurate assessment of their actual exposure, and negotiate better terms with insurers, acquirers, and other approved bodies based on their true risk exposure.

During the discussion, Bicknell emphasised the importance of having access to real-time data in the travel industry. With Felloh's payment processing solutions, travel companies can gain valuable insights into their payment patterns, streamline their payment processing, and improve their overall operations. The solution also helps travel companies build stronger partnerships by providing partners with more accurate data on payment patterns and risk exposure.

Overall, the Barclays Travel Forum was a great opportunity for industry leaders to share their experiences and insights. With Felloh's innovative payment processing solutions, travel companies can stay ahead of the curve and optimise their operations for success.

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