About Felloh

We are a team of travel and fintech experts who’ve worked with some of the world’s best known payments businesses.

We view the world of travel payments differently and we’re helping the travel industry do the same. We’re positive there’s a better way.

We act in the collective interest and our solution removes unnecessary complexity and opaqueness around travel payments, eliminating assumptions around risk that slow everything down.

Our smarter software generates accurate real time data, empowering travel businesses to make decisions based on confidence, not fear. We’re about purpose beyond product and smart governance.

Our Founder Will, is passionate about travel and technology and has a proven track record in bringing new products and services to market which deliver real value to customers through innovation. His knowledge of the travel payments ecosystem is second to none!

We, like Will, never stand still.

  • We approach every challenge with the optimism it deserves.
  • We shed light on the important things, always learning and sharing so everyone benefits.
  • We are always thinking on our feet.
  • We are laser focused on better outcomes

Our values mean a lot to us and we are proud to be a B Corp.

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